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SAMPLE The Audience Outlook Monitor Manifesto

The incredible value of market research is undisputed. Organizations with huge budgets (or funders) know this, and they pay for it. Market research data powers decisions in artistic programming, fundraising, operations, marketing... you know, all the things that are oxygen to a living, breathing nonprofit.

Don't have deep pockets? Your organization has been out of luck. 

So, those who can't buy it, try to DIY it.


How many times have we all received a survey that asks:  "What could we do to make you attend more?"


And when we look at the responses, they're mostly from the people who already attend the most often. You want to hear from the people who DIDN'T answer. And the grant you spent hours applying for to be able to afford to conduct a real, in-depth study? You didn't get it. 

A deep, continual understanding of your audiences is the single most authentic, effective strategy to improve all levels of your organizational performance. And it has been frustratingly just out of your reach, until now. 

In 2019, as a grand experiment, Audience Outlook Monitor brought together leaders from more than 660 cultural organizations around the world to study audience behavior during the pandemic. You were likely one of them. Together, we charted new directions in artistic programming, fundraising, remote working, cultural policy, live streaming, and, perhaps most importantly, when and how to reopen our venues.

And we proved that we're #StrongerResearchersTogether.

I am thrilled by what we were able to accomplish together. But we've only begun to explore how your organization benefits from having a team of hundreds of other organizations studying, innovating, and implementing best practices right along with you.


I hope you'll join us for this next chapter. It's going to be an exciting and enlightening journey. 

Welcome to the new Audience Outlook Monitor.


-Alan Brown, July 1, 2022

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