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Audience Outlook Monitor Audience Engagement™ Study

You spend a lot of time and money on audience engagement programs. Learn how they are paying off, and how.

Creating audience engagement programs takes an enormous amount of staff time and direct cost. Understanding your audiences’ appetite for engagement and which resources they use and value most ensures you are devoting your resources in the right way for different audience segments.


  • Does their level of knowledge about the art form influence their engagement?

  • Do they want to be deeply informed about a performance before attending, or do they prefer an element of surprise?

  • What type of information do they crave or seek out after a performance?

  • What kind of information and experiences excite them the most, provide the most enjoyment or education?

  • What type of information or experiences do they expect or wish for before, during, or after an event? Is how they engage with your programs influenced by their demographics, a desire for personal aesthetic development, social factors, or fun?

  • Does participation in your engagement strategies deepen their bond with your organization or influence their buying behavior?

Combining the Audience Engagement Study with data from the Audience Outlook Monitor Demographic and Buyer Behavior™ Study answers these questions so your programs are in alignment with your audience appetites. 


Suggested frequency of implementation: every two years, in rotation with the Audience Outlook Monitor Demographic and Buyer Behavior™ Study.

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