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Audience Outlook Monitor Communications and Media Use™ Study

“'Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” -John Wanamaker

If you’re like many cultural leaders, your phone is ringing every day with advertisers from your local media outlets trying to sell you ads. But how are your audiences receiving their news, entertainment, and media, and more importantly, how are their preferences changing over time? Finally, you don’t need to guess and hope for the best. Cultural organizations who participate in this study will be able to accurately forecast where communications spend has the highest probability for measurable results, based on the specific ways their unique audience interacts with local, regional and national media landscapes. 




  • Identify media sources that most highly match the preferences of your existing audiences, with the goal of finding new, like-minded attendees. 

  • Explore media sources that cater to the target audiences you are working to include in your total audience demographics

  • Reduce wasted spending on media buys with low return on investment

  • Understand how the media and consumption preferences of your audiences are changing over time, so you can quickly adapt your strategy

  • Fine-tune the relationship between your artistic programming and a customized media outreach plan to relevant media outlets


Suggested frequency of implementation: every other year in rotation with the Audience Outlook Monitor Risk and Adventurousness™ Study.

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