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Audience Outlook Monitor Risk and Adventurousness™ Study

How likely is your audience to attend and support traditional vs. adventurous experiences?

It’s a classic argument in the performing arts. Program well-known pieces that generate a lot of revenue from traditional audiences, or experiment with new works that are less familiar but artistically exciting. Research has shown that audiences have a wide-range of tolerance for “risky” artistic works. What is the opinion of your audience? Cultural organizations who participate in this study will reduce the risk of programming choices, spark interest in new conversions about underperformed works, and dramatically increase the artistic dialog with their audiences, by including the valuable opinions of their audiences in their decision making process. 



  • Reduce risk in programming decisions 

  • Better forecast accurate revenue projections

  • Increase your ability to make your case for sponsorship, fundraising, and grantmaking around the programming of new works

  • Inform your communications strategies by incorporating personalized feedback from your audience members

  • Reduce anxiety of risk-averse audience members by including them in your artistic decision making process. Help them understand what they need to know to feel comfortable with their purchase. 


Suggested frequency of implementation: every 3 years.

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