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WolfBrown's COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor is a longitudinal tracking study with three waves of data collection using an extensively tested protocol. WolfBrown will conclude its COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor cohorts in 2021. However, individual organizations like yours who wish to collect data will be able to sign up to deploy three waves of the survey in 2022. Organizations who have already participated will see new results displayed in the WolfBrown Dashboard alongside your previously collected results.  For organizations new to the study, a member of WolfBrown's team will provide you with an orientation after your first wave of data collection. We will provide a private hour-long review to all participating organizations after your second or final deployments to discuss the findings and how to use them to make an actionable difference in your decision making. 


What Your Organization Will Need To Do: 

  • Register for the study and agree to the terms

  • Send three outbound email messages to a minimum of 1,000 unique recent audience members/visitors (further parameters to be provided). All three waves of the survey will need to be deployed before June 30, 2022.

  • Login to WolfBrown’s dashboard interface to explore your survey results


What WolfBrown will Provide:

  • Design the survey protocol and program it in an online survey tool

  • Provide you with an advance opportunity to review the protocol and opt out if you want

  • Provide you with suggested email language and a hyperlink to the survey for each wave of data collection

  • Provide you with password access to WolfBrown’s online dashboard reporting interface, where you can view and interrogate the data

  • Provide you with a private dashboard review and analysis suggestions

Costs for Participating: 

  • Tier 1: Organization expense budget <= $3 million = $2500

  • Tier 2: Organization expense budget > $3 million and < $9 million = $3500

  • Tier 3: Organization budget >= $9 million = $5000, with option for 6 deployments (i.e., monthly, starting in August and running through January)


Process for Getting Started: 


  1. Complete the registration survey. The registration survey will walk you through the process of participating including the terms of our data sharing agreement, the cost of participating, the process of selecting samples of your audience to receive each of the three waves of surveys and the dates that you want to deploy surveys on. This survey acts as your contract for the participating in this project. 

  2. After you complete registration, a member of WolfBrown's team will reach out to confirm your participation, your billing preferences, and provide you with your survey links and a template for the invitation email that you will send to your audience. 

  3. After you send your first wave of surveys, a member of WolfBrown's team will email you to provide you with instructions for how to access your results in the dashboard.