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Audience Outlook Monitor Demographic and Buyer Behavior™ Study

Access comprehensive knowledge about your audience to make informed programming, marketing, sales, and fundraising decisions with confidence.


Making decisions about programs, communications, and sales strategies is easier if you understand how individual and household characteristics influence buyer behavior. What really matters to your audiences that keeps them coming back? What triggered their first time purchase with you? Are there obstacles you can address to make the choice to attend? How does an audience member’s social identity align with the bond they have with us? What other arts and cultural programs do they attend in our area? Are we making the best case for support with funders and sponsors? This study delivers a multi-dimensional audience profile grounded in the most relevant data to answer these questions and more, including:


  • Comprehensive demographics

  • Household makeup

  • Children and eldercare

  • Detailed ethnicity and language

  • Social identity and values

  • Profession and employment

  • Buying behavior and attendance patterns

  • Attendance at other area cultural organizations

  • Reasons for attending

  • Barriers to attending


Suggested frequency of implementation: every two years, in rotation with the Audience Outlook Monitor Audience Engagement™ Study.

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