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The IDEA Study

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The League of American Orchestras and WolfBrown Announce the IDEA Study: A Study of Audience Attitudes about Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

  • Omaha Symphony 

  • Orchestra Lumos 

  • Pacific Symphony 

  • Philadelphia Orchestra 

  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 

  • Richmond Symphony 

  • San Diego Symphony 

  • San Francisco Symphony 

  • South Bend Symphony Orchestra 

  • St. Louis Symphony Orchestra 

  • Symphony New Hampshire 

  • Wichita Symphony 

  • Winston-Salem Symphony 

  • Allentown Symphony Association  

  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra 

  • Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 

  • Charlotte Symphony 

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra 

  • The Cleveland Orchestra 

  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra

  • Houston Symphony 

  • Knoxville Symphony Orchestra 

  • LA Phil 

  • Madison Symphony Orchestra 

  • New World Symphony 

  • New York Philharmonic 

Cohort Membership 

The following 27 orchestras have opted in to the IDEA Study Orchestra Cohort:

Recording of Informational Webinar 

(February 13, 2023)

Timeline for Participating Orchestras, January through May 2023 

January 31 Registration opened

February 13 Informational webinar at 4:00 p.m. EST 

March 17 Registration closed (deadline for signing up)

April 11 Survey deployment (emails to out to ticket buyers)

April 19 Dashboard access began

April 16 - May 3 Cohort learning activities

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