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“Covid-era opera is getting more intimate, accessible and experimental”

By Michael Andor Brodeur, The Washington Post

I was on a Zoom call this past weekend that took a weird turn.

There were 15 of us in attendance, calling in from all over the place — Queens, Orlando, Martha’s Vineyard — and the one-at-a-time chat seemed to be proceeding according to the freshly established norms of the now-default videoconferencing platform. Then, one of the participants vanished into the folds of the cosmos.

Mezzo soprano Sishel Claverie peeked through the purple-black shroud of a faraway galaxy and swung around the frame of her square in a fitful dance. Her voice rose up, joining a stormy piano track that slightly overloaded the audio feed — forgivable, considering she appeared to be calling in from a different dimension.

Claverie is one of the three witchy Weird Sisters READ MORE

Takeaway:  Heartbeat Opera gathers cast, musicians for a deconstructed and reconfigured vision of “Lady M” in the form of 18 virtual Zoom “soirees.”


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