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“The Post-Covid Concert Hall Catastrophe: Why Audience Attendance is the Least of Our Problems”

Author: Zach Finkelstein | Source: The Middleclass Artist, April 29, 2020.

Will Audiences Come Back to the Concert Hall?

When we return to the stage to present opera, dance, theatre, or symphonic works in our 2,000+ seat halls, will our subscribers be there with tickets in hand?

This is the question spreading like wildfire through every board meeting in America. It is the question keeping Artistic Directors, General Managers, agents, and artists up at night.

It is an interesting question.

But it is the wrong one.

The problem is not audience participation. It may drop ... READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Spatial and financial analysis show socially distancing a large concert hall would likely be a financial no-go.


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