Announcing The Re-Entry Survey


Invitation to Participate in a Low-Cost, Time-Limited Cohort Study: Tracking the Experience of Returning Audiences

Study Offer

  • Track your ticket buyers’ satisfaction with health safety protocols at your venue (indoor events only) using a standardized online survey protocol designed by WolfBrown

  • Base price of $1,695 covers three deployments; each deployment may cover a single program, a run of a show, or a series of similar events; one or two additional deployments may be elected at a cost of $150 each

  • Organizations who participated in Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor study are eligible for a 20% discount

  • The deadline for registration is December 31st, 2021. All surveying must be completed within six months of the date the first survey is sent. 

  • Results will be accessible immediately through the WolfBrown dashboard


Watch an informational session to learn more about the study. 

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About This Study

The Audience Outlook Monitor COVID-19 Study tracks the attitudes of audience members about returning to cultural events. As of August 2021 a large majority of arts goers are vaccinated, although 40% to 50% are still reluctant to go out. With many arts organizations planning to reopen in the fall months, and with rising concerns over risk of breakthrough infections, variants and the most recent surge of infections primarily amongst unvaccinated Americans, maintaining a high level of trust and transparency about health safety protocols is paramount.


We believe that creating a feedback loop with audiences about their initial “return experience” – in other words, surveying audiences and reflecting results back to them – will help to lower anxiety levels amongst patrons, including those who are planning to return but reconsidering their decision due to worsening COVID-19 conditions, as well as “wait and see” patrons who’ve not yet decided when they’ll return to live events. The vast majority of patrons will have positive experiences upon return, and it is essential for others to hear about those experiences.


Inviting critical feedback from customers and being sincere and transparent about the feedback you receive will also contribute to an atmosphere of trust.


To provide arts groups with a turnkey solution to audience feedback during the fall months, Audience Outlook Monitor is offering a low-cost, opt-in study for up to 30 organizations. Those who opt into the study will deploy a standardized feedback survey to audiences for up to five individual programs over a six month period. An individual program might be a single-night event, a multi-week run of the same show, or a series of similar programs. Organizations will receive separate hyperlinks for each program that they choose to survey, and will be responsible for sending email messages to ticket buyers on the night of each surveyed performance, requesting cooperation with the survey. Detailed instructions will be provided.


Results will be available immediately through WolfBrown’s dashboard, allowing organizations to monitor feedback on health safety policies on a program-by-program basis. Additionally, upon completing the survey patrons will be redirected to a simplified “exit dashboard” where they can view selected, organization-specific results from the survey they just took. In this fashion, a degree of transparency is built into the study. Organizations will receive a hyperlink to the “exit dashboard” and may use it in other marketing and communications efforts with patrons (e.g., “see what other patrons are saying about our health safety policies”).


Small and mid-sized organizations are encouraged to participate, although results will be more meaningful with a minimum of 400 to 500 outbound emails for each surveyed program or series of programs.  


The survey protocol will follow a modular approach to gathering feedback on a range of specific health safety practices. Respondents will identify which health safety practices were implemented at the venue (e.g., mask requirement, distancing, touchless transactions) and offer feedback on each practice that was implemented. Open-ended questions will invite comments on specific practices. Additional questions will investigate sources of information accessed prior to attendance and other demographic and buyer behavior questions (e.g., subscriber status, donor status). Where applicable, organizations may elect an optional module of questions about satisfaction with proof-of-vaccine admittance policies. Otherwise, no customization of the protocol is possible.


Participating organizations will be grouped into two or three cohorts of similar organizations, each with its own dashboard and cohort webinars. In this fashion participating organizations can view other organizations’ survey results as well as their own.


Base Price (includes three programs/deployments): $1,695

Additional deployments (up to two): $150 each


Organizations who participated in Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor study are eligible for a 20% discount.


The deadline for registration is December 31st, 2021. All surveying must be completed within six months of the date that the first survey is sent.  

Registration will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will receive your links and email language a least a week before your first deployment date. Surveys may be deployed beginning Friday, Sept. 24.  Dashboards will be accessible on Sept. 24.


If your needs exceed the limitations of the study, contact to discuss a customized level of service, including both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Frequently asked questions

How is a deployment defined?

You will receive a unique survey link for each deployment. This link can be used for a single program (a one-night event or a show that runs for multiple nights) or for a series of similar events (for example programs in your "Jazz Series"). While results collected using a single link (deployment) will appear in aggregate in your dashboard, the survey will include a question asking attendees what night they attended on, so if you use one of your links for a series or long run, you will have the ability to apply a filter in the dashboard to see the results night by night allowing you to compare different nights or performances. Ideally, each organization would receive at least 100 responses per deployment to allow for deeper analysis. We recommend that smaller organizations send the same link (deployment) multiple times to allow for more data to be collected. This could be over the course of a longer run or by using the deployment for a series.

How will the protocol address my organization's health safety policies?

The protocol is standardized and each organization will deploy the same series of questions. The protocol asks respondents if a health safety policy was implemented at the event they attended and if they respond no, they do not receive any additional questions about that health safety policy. This will allow you to see what policies were legible to your audience and will prevent respondents from answering questions about policies that were not implemented at your venue. We know vaccinated only admissions policies are not legal in all states. If you would like to remove questions about vaccinated only admissions policies from your survey, we will make that modification. Please email to request that these questions be removed from your organization's survey.

What if I'm not sure how many deployments I need?

Please contact Megan Bander at for help determining the best deployment schedule for your organization.

What if I want to survey at an event that takes place before September 24th?

We may be able to accommodate your organization beginning to survey before September 24th. Please email with the date you would like to begin surveying and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Who will be able to see my organization's results?

Your results will be displayed in a shared dashboard. In the shared dashboard you will be able to see your results as well as results from the other organizations participating in this study. You will be able to set custom views so that only your organization's results appear when you look at the charts in the dashboard. We will not share your organization's results outside of this shared dashboard. Any results shared with this field at large will be an aggregate of results from all participating organizations.

How will this survey work with my current surveying efforts?

If your organization already has a post-show survey there are a couple of options: 1. You could continue to deploy your current survey and begin to deploy the Re-Entry survey by either rotating which nights you send each survey or segmenting your audience and sending one survey to half of the audience and the other survey to the other half of your audience. Both of these options would ensure that no audience member is asked to take both surveys. This option is likely best for organizations with long runs or large audiences, as the respondent pool is large enough to segment without risking receiving too low a response to each survey. 2. If you have a very short post-show survey planned, we could discuss options for creating a redirect at the end of your current survey so that respondents are immediately taken into the Re-Entry survey after answering the last question of your survey. 3. If you would like to create a custom survey that borrows some questions from the Re-Entry survey and incorporates some of the questions on your current survey we can discuss options for designing a custom survey and displaying results in your own dashboard through our Intrinsic Impact program. If you have questions about which of these options would be best for your organization please contact Megan Bander at