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The IDEA Study Phase 1, Flinn Foundation Cohort 2023

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Tagging Scheme

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Download a Word Document with the tagging scheme here.

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You can also find this text below.

Global Tag For Use In Any Report

  • NOTABLE – Comments you may wish to return to or call out as examples, or that are particularly rich in content.  [Note that you can associate multiple tags with a comment.]

Audience Experience Report

Q. Why not? (Reported if the answer is “no” for “Do you feel comfortable being your “true self” when attending our programs – free to express yourself without thoughts of social judgment?)

Suggested Tags
  • RELIGION – Concern about being judged for religious affiliation

  • CONSERVATIVE – Concern about being judged for conservative values

  • LIBERAL – Concern about being judged for liberal values

  • AGEISM – Concern about being judged for age

  • DISABILITY – Concern about being judged for disability

  • FORMALITY – Concern about being judged for lack of formal attire or other formality

  • ALONE – Concern about attending alone

  • PROGRAM – Concern about expressing dissatisfaction with a program

  • AUDIENCE – Concern about audience or other visitor judgement in general

Q. If you can think of something specific that makes you feel welcome at our programs or facility, please share it with us.


Suggested Tags
  • DIVERSE AUDIENCE – Seeing a diverse audience or visitors

  • FOH POSITIVE – Friendly, welcoming, and being well-treated

  • ARTISTS POSITIVE – Artists, actors, and musicians interactions with each other and audiences

  • AUDIENCE POSITIVE – Friendly audience members/other visitors

  • FAMILIAR Knowing artists, audience members, visitors, feeling “at home"

  • SHARED – Being part of a shared experience

  • CASUAL – No dress code, relaxed, come-as-you-are

  • REFRESHMENTS – Refreshments provided

  • DIVERSE PROGRAM – Variety or diversity of programs

  • SAFETY – Feeling the venue is safe

Q. What made you feel unwelcome? (Asked of respondents who indicated they felt unwelcome due to a specific incident at a program)SUGGESTED TAGS

  • FOH NEGATIVE – Rude treatment, insensitive comments/questions, or lack of follow up on complaints

  • AUDIENCE NEGATIVE – Something experienced or observed of other audience members or visitors

  • UNSAFE – Feeling unsafe due to past experience


Q. Please offer an example of how our communications materials are less than inclusive. (Asked of respondents that answered “excluded” when asked, “When you see our communications materials – our website, brochures, advertisements, etc., do they make you feel excluded from, or included in, our organization’s work?
Suggested Tags
  • IMAGES – Comments about images

  • LANGUAGE – Comments about language, use of words



INCLUSION REPORT: What are one or two things we’ve done that have advanced inclusion? (Asked of respondents who indicated that they are aware of specific actions taken in the past few years to be more inclusive.) 

EQUITY REPORT: What are one or two things you’ve noticed that we’ve done? (Asked of respondents who indicated that they are aware of specific actions taken to serve a broader public.) 

EDI REPORT: Where do you look for evidence of a cultural organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

  • ARTIST DIVERSITY – Comments related to artists, actors, musicians, etc.

  • PROGRAM DIVERSITY – Comments related to programming

  • BOARD DIVERSITY – Comments related to governing bodies

  • STAFF DIVERSITY – Comments related to staffing (not necessarily FOH)

  • FOH DIVERSITY – Comments related to ushers, box office, volunteers, venue personnel

  • CASUAL – Comments related to dress codes and other efforts to be less formal

  • VENUE LOCATION – Comments related to community-based programs

  • DIGITAL ACCESS – Comments related to digital access

  • PRICING – Comments related to pricing accessibility

  • COMMUNICATIONS – Comments related to communications, language, images

  • OUTREACH – Comments related to education, outreach, special programs

  • ACCESSIBILITY – Comments related to disability services, ALDs, sensory programs, mobility, etc.

  • LEAN IN – Comments acknowledging the work, “keep up the work” or constancy in the work

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