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Tastes and Preferences Survey (2024 Music Cohort)

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Tagging Scheme

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Download a Word Document with the tagging scheme here.

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Note: You can associate multiple tags with a comment.

GLOBAL TAG (For Use in Any Report)

·       NOTABLE – Comments you may wish to return to or call out as examples, or that are particularly rich in content.  

·       POS – Comments that are positive.

·       NEG – Comments that are negative.


Q. What explains your curiosity about this instrument?

·       SOUNDS – Sound differences, unique sound

·       STAMINA – Stamina required to play

·       SIZE – Instrument size

·       FEELINGS – Feelings instrument evokes

·       DIFFICULT – Perception of difficulty

·       PERSONAL – Played the instrument, family member plays, wants to play

·       GRAND – Grandness, elegance


Q. If you’d like, please share more specific information about the cultures or subcultures of greatest interest to you, contemporary or historical.

·       COUNTRIES – Mention of specific countries, varied

·       INFLUENCE – Musical influences

·       CONTEMPORARY – Contemporary, current

·       FAITH – Association, connection to faith

·       THEMATIC – Mention of themes

·       WOMEN – Mention of women composers

·       LGBTQ+ Mention of LGBTQ artists, topics


Q. What explains your feelings about attending concerts by small ensembles?

·       INTIMACY – Closer, see interaction of individual instruments

·       LIKE LARGE – Prefer blended sounds of large orchestra

·       INTERATION – Closer, see musician interaction

·       LIKE SMALL VEN – Like small venues


Q. Where do we fall short in earning your satisfaction with our program offerings?

·       REPEAT – Repetitive

·       PERIPHERAL – Mention of external presentations diminishing orchestra

·       JAZZ – Mention of incorporating Jazz

·       POP – Mention of incorporating pop or rock music, tribute bands

·       KIDS – Mention of wanting more for children

·       LOCATION – Mention of inaccessibility of venue location

·       MODERN – Dislike modern music

·       NONTRAD – Mention of nontraditional (non-classical programs)

·       FILM – Mention of film scores


Q. To your taste, what’s the optimal mix of introductory remarks at our programs?

·       SHORT – Preference for short remarks

·       NONE – Preference for no remarks from stage

·       EDUCATE – Educational, info to relate to the music

·       NEW – Mention of only new information, specific news

·       PRE-TALK – Preference for remarks during pre-talks

·       VIDEO – Preference for digitally accessible remarks

·       MUSICIAN – Only conductor or musicians, not CEOs

·       HUMOR – Engagement with humor


Q. Are there any other ideas for concert themes that would interest you?

·       NO GIMMICKS – Thoughtful, not trendy or gimmicks

·       SPACE – Related to space, universe, the cosmos

·       FILM – Related to films/movies

·       BROADWAY – Musicals

·       SINGALONG – Sing-alongs

·       GENREMIX – Accompanying greats from other genres, adaptations to other musical styles

·       EVOLUTION – Musical history, stories of evolution of new works

·       NATIONS – Anthems


Q. Why do you feel this way about visualizations?

·       YOUNGER – Draws younger audiences, appealing to children

·       DISTRACT – Diminishes, takes away, distracts from the music, prefer to watch musicians

·       ENRICH – Enriches the experience with multi-sensory connection





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