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Audience Outlook Monitor is a community of practice facilitated by WolfBrown to advance the cultural sector’s understanding of audiences through research. There are no boundaries around the learning – we invite everyone to join the community to take advantage of periodic webinars, publications, and other learning opportunities. We hope community members will also contribute their own perspectives


Through this community, we plan to offer: 

  • Referrals to important academic and applied research from around the world that has implications for audience building 

  • Opportunities to question leading researchers about their studies 

  • Skills-building workshops on various research techniques 

  • Briefings on evaluations and research studies related to audience development 

  • Opportunities to nominate research topics, and to influence the design of future AOM studies 


For 2023, AOM community activities will revolve around the topic of customer relationships. Specifically, we will reflect critically on subscription as a relationship and think collectively about other types of customer relationships that capture loyalty, affinity, and passion, and that speak to the lives of current day arts consumers. 


By the end of 2023, we plan to offer community members free access to a publicly-available dashboard with aggregated data from a selection of past audience studies, with the hope that expensive research conducted by funders and organizations can pay dividends to the sector long after the initial work. 


Watch previous webinars and find out about upcoming events. If you’re not already part of the Audience Outlook Monitor community, please sign up.  

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Grand Orchestra
Todd Fogdall,
President & CEO, Appell Center for the Performing Arts

Greatly appreciate your work!

Concert Hall
Jim O'Connell,
Associate Professor and Arts Management Coordinator at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Thanks SO MUCH! This work provides such valuable context. What a community.


In the theatre
Roger Tomlinson

Very informative and much appreciated.


Classical Music
Laura Smith,
Chief Advancement Officer, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Love your work and insights. Important! Thanks so much for this. Helpful.




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