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Building a deep, continual understanding of audiences and the volatile marketplace for live entertainment is the single most authentic, effective strategy for improving all levels of organizational performance. Yet, until now, it has been frustratingly out of reach for all but the largest, well-funded organizations. 


Through our Audience Outlook Monitor program, WolfBrown aims to deconstruct exclusionary access to high-quality market research and make high quality audience research accessible to cultural organizations of all budget sizes without the need for special funding. Participating organizations accumulate survey results in a dashboard that is accessible to anyone in the organization. 


In 2020, Audience Outlook Monitor brought together leaders from more than 660 cultural organizations around the world to study audience behaviors during the pandemic. Together, we built an entirely new model for collaborative research – a cohort model defined by cost-sharing, transparency, rapid deployment, immediate access to results, and distributed learning


We are committed to leading the sector in addressing the most challenging research questions of the day, building more robust models for audiences and audience development, and building sector capacity for making sense of audience data. 

Through our free AOM Community activities, we explore current issues, share emerging practices, and aim to build stronger frameworks for understanding audiences in a rapidly changing marketplace. To join the community and participate in these free activities, just sign up for the Audience Outlook Monitor newsletter


Through our low-cost, opt-in surveys, arts organizations can track essential information about their customers while avoiding the costs of customized research. AOM community members are notified of opt-in survey opportunities throughout the year. 



Audience Outlook Monitor is a program led by WolfBrown. WolfBrown is a cross-disciplinary team of full-time professional consultants with specialized skills and experience in program design, strategic planning, market research, evaluation, leadership development, pedagogy, and youth development. We see the world in different ways and strive to bring a multiplicity of perspectives to every project.

Below are the Audience Outlook Monitor team members. Find out more about the entire full WolfBrown team here



Managing Principal, WolfBrown


Associate Principal, WolfBrown


Director of Audience Research Programs, WolfBrown


Consultant, WolfBrown


Director of Communications and Field Learning, WolfBrown


Principal, WolfBrown

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