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Watch the 2023 Informational Session

Register for the Informational Session

Register for the Informational Session

2023 Cohort Membership

The following organizations have opted into the 2023 Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey Cohort:

  • Appell Center for the Performing Arts

  • Arizona Science Center

  • Cal Performances

  • Center for the Arts at George Mason University

  • Chamber Music Cincinnati

  • Chamber Music Detroit

  • DANCECleveland

  • East West Players

  • Hylton Performing Arts Center

  • Madison Symphony Orchestra

  • Mayo Performing Arts Center

  • New 42

  • New Conservatory Theatre Center

  • Northrop, University of Minnesota

  • Shenandoah University

  • The New Group

  • Tucson Symphony

  • UMS

  • Penn Live Arts

2024 Cohort Membership

The following organizations have already opted into the 2024 Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey Flinn Foundation Cohort:

  • Arizona Opera

  • Arizona Theatre Company

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

  • Ballet Arizona

  • Children's Museum of Phoenix

  • Childsplay

  • Desert Botanical

  • Heard Museum

  • Mesa Arts Center

  • Museum of Northern Arizona

  • Scottsdale Arts

The following organizations have already opted into the 2024 Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey Open Cohort:

  • East West Players

  • Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University

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Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey Cohort

$1,350 - $1,950 USD based on Tier Number

+$300 USD Surcharge when purchased On-Demand

Credit card required for purchase. Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Erin Gold, Consultant at WolfBrown, at for assistance. 


Square one of audience research is maintaining a detailed profile of your customers – knowing who they are in terms of demographics and family lifecycle, how they relate to your organization as ticket buyers and donors, and why they come (or don’t come).

The Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey generates a multi-dimensional profile of ticket buyers. Results can be used as an input to institutional planning and to inform funders, sponsors, and other external stakeholders about your audience.

Survey topics include: tenure, recency, frequency, series selection (customized), travel time/method of transportation, subscriber status, donor status, loyalty, social context of attendance, reasons for attending, barriers to more frequent attendance, price sensitivity, initiator status, late buying behavior, use of discount ticket brokers, accessibility needs, household size and composition, length of residence, languages spoken, and demographic characteristics (age, gender, race/ethnicity, relationship status, employment status, work location, occupation, artist status, educational attainment, household income, identification with LGBTQ+ communities, and political values).

Level of customization: Limited. You may choose to include or exclude certain questions on the survey. One optional question, if selected, requires customization:  series, program category, or venue (for organizations with multiple product lines or venues), for the purposes of filtering results by product line.

To maximize cohort learning, participants in all cohorts must agree to share their results with other participating organizations through the WolfBrown dashboard. After the cohort concludes, aggregated results will be shared with the larger field through the Audience Outlook Monitor Community.

For more information about this survey, contact Erin Gold, Consultant at WolfBrown at


Note: Participating on-demand organizations will deploy the survey to their customers; results will be added to the 2023 cohort dashboard; you’ll have access to all the cohort resources, including recordings of cohort learning sessions.


Cohort participant pricing is based on your organizational expense budget.

  • Tier 1 (Organization expense budget of $9 million+): $1,950 USD

  • Tier 2 (Organization expense budget of $3 million-$9 million): $1,650 USD

  • Tier 3 (Organization expense budget of <$3 million): $1,350 USD

A $300 USD surcharge applies to on demand service at other times of the year.

Survey Stakeholders

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Demographics stakeholders

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