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Audience Outlook Monitor offers several types of research support. Our radically new cohort model for audience research was developed over two years during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now a permanent program. AOM surveys are a low-cost alternative to expensive, customized market research and allow you to track essential information about your customers regularly, year after year. AOM's initial focus is serving the audience research needs of performing arts organizations, although some of our surveys are also designed for museums. 

Real-time Dashboard Reporting

Organizations participating in any of our surveys can compare their results with those from other organizations in their cohort and against field aggregates. Results accumulate in a password-protected dashboard, and you can request as many logins as you'd like. Over time, your dashboard will become an easily accessible archive for your audience survey data.


Our library of standardized Basic Surveys cover the core research topics of greatest interest to most performing arts groups. Basic surveys will be available once a year in a cohort format. These surveys will also be available in the future off-cycle/on demand for those who wish to deploy on a different schedule (please inquire). To gain trend data, you may wish to repeat one or more of them annually or every other year. 
Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey

Yields a detailed profile of your patrons in terms of demographics, family lifecycle, transportation, social organizing behavior, motivations, and how they relate to your organization

Communications and Media Use Survey

Generates a comprehensive media usage profile of your patrons (social media, digital media, radio, TV, print publications); the protocol requires a high level of customization to reflect the local media market

Audience Experience_just_icon.png
Audience Experience Survey

Tracks audience members' background in the arts, aspirational level of engagement, experience mapping, friction with customer touchpoints, safety concerns, and preferences for engaging before, during, and after performances (a discipline-specific protocol)

Programming Preferences Survey

Develops a taste profile of your patron base, covering preferences for genres, subgenres, and formats, indicators of risk and adventurousness, interest in digital programming and immersive experiences (a discipline-specific protocol)

  • Survey deploys February 2024


As with the Covid-19 Study launched in 2020, we will continue to bring forward research efforts that address urgent topics facing our sector. These will include:
IDEA 1_just_icon.png

The IDEA Study Phase 1

Assesses audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity

  • Informational webinar July 24, 2023

  • Registration closes August 11, 2023

  • Survey deploys September 12, 2023

IDEA 2_just_icon.png

The IDEA Study Phase 2

Delves deeply into the accessibility needs of audiences

  • Survey deploys September 2024

Donor Motivations_just_icon.png
Donor Motivations Survey

Unearths the driving forces motivating donors to give


  • Survey deploys November 14, 2023


WolfBrown has supported countless arts organizations with event-based survey support to measure impact, satisfaction and other key indicators, with customized dashboard reporting. These services are now offered through Audience Outlook Monitor.  



Jennifer Lin, 
Content Marketing Manager & Photographer,
Metro Theater Company

Thank you so much for all your incredible work on the Audience Outlook Monitor. Metro Theater Company was grateful to be a part of the COVID Study early on.


I've really enjoyed all your briefings, webinars, and takeaways. Your clear research helped us all think creatively about ways to approach our programming, revenue opportunities, and communications. Plus, I felt a little reassured by knowing that many other arts managers collectively shared similar challenges during the pandemic.


You were a bright spot of data, insight, and understanding among the uncertainty of the last 20 months!

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