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Opt-In Surveys

Audience Outlook Monitor offers several types of research support: 

Basic Surveys


Our library of standardized Basic Surveys will cover basic research topics that most performing arts groups might want to cover periodically. In 2023, we're rolling out four Basic Surveys, including: 

  • Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey
  • ​Communications and Media Use Survey

Customized for the local market

  • Programming Preferences Survey

Focusing on appetite for risk and adventurousness

  • Audience Experience Survey

Covering engagement preferences

Basic surveys will be available once a year in a cohort format. These surveys will also be available in the future off-cycle/on-demand for those who wish to deploy on a different schedule (please inquire). 

Special Topic Surveys


As with the Covid-19 Study launched in 2020, we will continue to bring forward research efforts that address urgent topics facing our sector. These will include:

  • The IDEA Study

The first phase of The IDEA Study in 2023 will assess audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity. A second phase in 2024 will delve deeply into the accessibility needs of audiences. 

  • Covid-19 Study

While the Covid-19 Study sunsetted in 2022 as a cohort study, individual organizations may still deploy the core protocol on a deployment schedule of their own choosing. 

  • Accountability Survey

In the future, we hope to offer arts organizations survey tools that allow them to gather feedback from audiences on key performance indicators specified in their strategic plans, as well as survey tools to assess workforce health. 

Event-Based Survey Support

WolfBrown has supported countless arts organizations with event-based survey support to measure impact, satisfaction and other key indicators, with customized dashboard reporting. These services are now offered through Audience Outlook Monitor.  

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