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WolfBrown Commits to Providing BIPOC-Centered Organizations No-Cost Access to AOM Surveys

As a part of our larger commitment to equity, we are eliminating the cost barriers to accessing our services for selected organizations working in historically marginalized communities. Specifically, we are committed to providing free opportunities for BIPOC-centered organizations to participate in our AOM survey cohorts. Our goal in this program is to establish long term supportive relationships with a limited number of BIPOC-centered organizations.
Please be in touch with Alan Kline, Director of Audience Research Programs at if you are interested in learning more or if you have any questions. Once you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a meeting to better understand your mission and artistic work, and to explore how our surveys might address some of your specific information needs.


BIPOC-centered organizations working in one or more of the performing arts disciplines, with annual expense budgets under $3 million.
For organizations interested in participating in our survey cohorts, we recommend: 
  • You have a customer databas e with a minimum of 1,000 recent ticket buyers
  • You work in one or more of the following performing arts disciplines: theatre, children’s theatre, musical theatre, jazz, opera, classical music, dance, choral music, or multi-disciplinary presenters

Learn more about terms and conditions for our surveys.


Learn more about all of the surveys we offer.


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