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Terms and Conditions for Participating in an Audience Outlook Monitor Surveys


By purchasing an Audience Outlook Monitor survey and joining a cohort, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


WolfBrown will:


  • Provide you with access to a pre-designed online survey, programmed in WolfBrown’s Alchemer account

  • Make any customizations you are entitled to

  • Provide you with suggested email language and a unique hyperlink to the survey for your organization

  • Provide you with a login to access WolfBrown’s online dashboard reporting interface for a minimum of one year from the date of deployment, where you can view and interrogate the data from the study you purchased (you may request multiple logins)

  • Provide you with access to cohort learning activities and a web page with cohort learning resources


Participating Organizations will:


  • Complete the Participating Organization Information Form and provide contact information for at least two individuals in your organization 

  • Send the outbound email message to a minimum of 1,000 recent ticket buyers/audience members on the designated deployment date, and, if possible, a second reminder message to those who did not open the first message (further parameters to be provided)

    • Note: A minimum of 100 responses is necessary to view and analyze your respondents’ data in the WolfBrown dashboard. Organizations with less than 100 responses will be offered the option of remaining in the cohort with less than 100 responses in the dashboard (understanding that results are not stable) or a credit towards a future survey.

  • Login to WolfBrown’s dashboard interface to explore your survey results, and participate in as many cohort learning activities as possible

  • Sign at least two study liaisons up for WolfBrown's "Required Research Communications for Clients" email list to be able to receive study communications and information about dashboard access. Participants will also be added to the "Audience Outlook Monitor" email list, but they may elect to opt-out of this email at any time.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Since you are sending out your own email messages, the identity of your survey respondents will remain confidential and anonymous. As a condition of participation, all cohort members agree in advance that their aggregated results will be shared with other cohort members and study members in the dashboard. In other words, anyone in your cohort will be able to see your organization’s results in the dashboard, and you’ll be able to see theirs. This level of trust and transparency fosters cohort learning.


Participating Organizations further agree not to publicly disclose other cohort members’ survey results (i.e., outside of internal staff or board meetings), or to share dashboard logins with individuals who are not representatives of, or consultants to, the participating organization.


WolfBrown shall not publicly release any reports or articles disclosing your organization's data. However, WolfBrown may publish reports or articles based on aggregated results (i.e., data collected by all participating organizations in a cohort, or a subgroup of no less than three participating organizations).


Privacy Assurances


WolfBrown will maintain a webpage on the site with privacy information for survey takers, and link to this page in all surveys. 


The following language will be included in email invitations and on the first page of all online surveys: This survey is for research purposes only and does not involve sales or fundraising of any kind. Your answers are confidential and will be reported in aggregate only.

Ownership of Intellectual Property


All research protocols developed in the course of this study are the protected intellectual property of WolfBrown. Raw survey data shall be owned by WolfBrown and stored on WolfBrown's secure server. Upon written request, WolfBrown shall provide participating organizations with an Excel file with the raw data from their patrons’ survey responses within 14 days of such request.

Withdrawal or Termination

You may withdraw from the study and receive a full refund, less any credit card processing fees, prior to the commencement of data collection by sending written notification by email to WolfBrown. Fees become nonrefundable, and all terms and conditions remain in effect, once a participating organization sends out an email message requesting cooperation with the survey.

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