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The first Norwegian survey deployment occurred on May 22, resulting in a total of 5,064 responses collected by 21 organizations across Norway. These results represent a baseline and we will track change in attitudes as responses are collected in subsequent months.


Additional reporting is available in Norwegian on the NPU site.

Key Findings

Below you will find key takeaways from the May deployment in English. A full report on the findings is available in Norwegian.

# 1 Readiness to Return

Only 40% of the sending organizations’' core audience feels ready to attend in person art and cultural events as of May 2020.

# 2 Trust in Cultural Organization

Nine out of ten respondents trust that the sending organizations will ensure that it is safe to return when they reopen.

# 3 Terms of Return

Six out of ten respondents are waiting for conditions to change before they attend in person events.  One in four are waiting for the infection rate to fall to near zero, 6% are waiting for wide spread availability of testing and treatment and 7% are waiting for a vaccine or immunity.

# 4 Health Safety Measures

Providing hand sanitizer, reducing the number of spectators, and contactless payment methods are measures that respondents report will encourage them to attend. Requiring face masks and temperature controls are more divisive - they are encouraging for some and discouraging for others.  

# 5 Program Selection

Respondents are interested in "feel good" content with one in three reporting they are more interested in "feel good" content than before the pandemic. Only 6% reported that they will be interested in content about the pandemic.

# 6 Digital Cultural Experiences

Seven out of ten respondents had digital cultural experiences in the last two weeks of May. Four out of ten respondents paid for digital experiences.

# 7 Drivers and Barriers to Digital Participation

Respondents are motivated to participate digitally in order to engage with cultural organizations and supporting artists while venues are closed. Some respondents reported that they are not participating online because they already spend too much time looking at screens.

# 8 Digital Audience Development

Digital content represents an opportunity for audience development, especially in younger segments that do not often go to the theater, museum, or concert hall.

# 9 Willingness to Pay for Digital Content

Respondents state on average a willingness to pay NOK. 200 for digital cultural experiences. Respondents ages 35-54 reported the highest level of willingness to pay for online content.


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