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The IDEA Study Phase 1, Open Cohort

Internal Informational Statement Email – Suggested Language

Please bookmark this page, as it is not publicly accessible.  

Download a Word Document with suggested language for an informational statement for internal stakeholders here.

IDEA Study Open Cohort-Info for Internal Stakeholders
Download DOCX • 14KB

You can also find this text below.

Suggested Language for Informational Statement for Internal Stakeholders

Participating organizations are encouraged to notify internal stakeholders – staff and board members – of their participation in the IDEA Study prior to the September 12 survey launch.  

Subject Line:  [Organization]’s participation in the IDEA Study

Dear [Name],

I’m writing to let you know that [Organization] is participating in a national study of audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity. While many cultural organizations have been working on diversity for years, little is known about the level of audience support for this work. 

A cohort of American cultural organizations has been assembled to investigate how audiences feel about inclusion, diversity, and equity - both generally, and how they feel our organization is doing in each of these areas. All organizations will deploy the same survey to a sample of their members, visitors, or ticket buyers, and everyone will be able to see each other’s results.

A random selection of our database of [members] [visitors] [ticket buyers] will receive an email requesting their cooperation with the survey.


The survey is designed and fielded by WolfBrown, a national arts research firm, through its Audience Outlook Monitor program.

In light of the sensitivity of the subject matter, it is likely that any of us may get questions or comments about the survey, either positive or negative, shortly after the survey is launched on July 11. Please forward me any questions or comments you receive. To hold ourselves accountable for our work on diversity, we need to measure progress on a number of fronts, and this is one of them.

Before July 11, I encourage you to take a test version of the survey, to familiarize yourself with the lines of questioning.

Please use this link:

[insert test link]

Thank you,



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