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Executive Briefing with Alan Brown

Update for June 12, 2020.

TRANSCRIPT FROM VIDEO: "This week, I’m pleased to share with you some very preliminary results from the Audience Outlook Monitor study, which launched a few weeks ago in a number of cities across the United States. So far we have data from cohorts of arts groups in Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, and through networks of performing arts centers and university presenters across the U.S.

Here, we are looking at the percentages of arts patrons who say they are ready to go out again based on different epidemiological conditions. Only about 15-20% of folks say they are ready to go out as soon as it is legally allowed.


20% of folks say they’re ready to go out as soon as it’s legally allowed, but another 25% say they’re ready to go out when the infection rate drops to zero or near zero in their community.

So, that’s about 40 to 45% of folks who are more or less ready to go out as soon as conditions permit.

Then we have another quarter of responders who say they’re waiting for testing and treatment to be broadly available, and another 20 to 30% of respondents who say they’re really not ready to go out until a vaccine is available.

This is not great news, but perhaps what might be expected news for the art sector. Our audiences generally have mixed feelings about going out. There are many of them, especially older folks who tend to be our best customers and patrons, who are just not ready to go out until conditions change. We do expect these figures to change over time. We will be monitoring them very closely over the coming months, and sharing them with you of course. For now, let’s just reflect on what we can do to engage our patrons while they’re not quite ready to come back yet. Thank you."


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