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Executive Briefing with Alan Brown

Update for June 14, 2021: In the latest Executive Briefing, Alan Brown shares results for June, which continue to focus on vaccinated folks who are not ready to return. New this month are results pertaining to feelings about mask requirements, and how much of demand will be lost if masks are required, and how much will be lost if they are not required, as well as feelings about vaccinated-only admittance policies. (video, 27 min.)


Executive Briefing June 14, 2021
Download PDF • 4.15MB

Several questions were asked during the session. Alan Brown has responded to them below.

Ilana Barker: 59% "did not answer question" - w/r/t the deal breakers question - Alan mentioned that this meant 59% of respondents did not have a deal breaker, but couldn't a portion of that 59% be those who simply chose to not answer the question?

Alan Brown: Both the “pre-requisites” question and the “deal breakers” question instruct respondents to skip the question if they have no “pre-requisites” or “deal breakers.” Of course a small number of people undoubtedly skipped the question, as is the case with other questions in the survey. Regardless, for analytical purposes we have combined everyone who was non-responsive into one group, and display them as “Did not answer question” in the dashboard. This is the most conservative approach. We imagine that some people read the (lengthy) question, realized they didn’t have any “pre-requisites” or “deal breakers,” and just moved along in the survey without reading some or all of the (lengthy) answer items. If we were able separate out the folks who skipped the question from those who read the question and selected no answer items, it would serve to increase all of the percentages in the dashboard, but the proportionality of the figures wouldn’t change.

Steve Steiner: How could a vaccinated-only policy happen when children under 12 are allowed to attend? Thanks. We play 10 weeks of Children's Theatre, we're also doing ANNIE. We're also staying in the tent until September.

Alan Brown: Good question, Steve. I don’t think it’s possible to implement vaccinated-only admittance policies for youth/family programs, given the current state of vaccine approvals. When one or more vaccines are authorized for use by young children, this might be revisited, but it’s probably not going to happen this year, just because of the time required to get kids vaccinated once a vaccine is available. In light of this situation, it probably makes sense to err on the side of caution in setting masking and distancing requirements at your venues. If you’re outside, of course that helps.

-------------CHAT LOG ----------------------

Ron Evans: Welcome, everyone. We look forward to having you join us in the session.

Jonathan Showe: Glad to be here!

Tom G: Looking forward to the update

Christi Dortch: Thank you SOOO much for offering this information share!

Steve Steiner: Glad to hear the latest!

Brent Woods: Thank you for offering this timely briefings

Ron Evans: We're happy that you're here!

Ron Evans: The recording of this session will be available about 3 minutes after we stop,

right here at this link. We will also email out the video to all who registered.

Ron Evans: If Alan's video window is covering up any of the stats on your screen, just drag your window to be larger or maximize your screen and it should fix it.

Steve Steiner: How could a vaccinated-only policy happen when children under 12 are allowed to attend?

Ron Evans: Good question, Steve. I'll share this with Alan and he will email out his thoughts along with the video link.

Steve Steiner: "Thanks. We play 10 weeks of Children's Theatre, we're also doing ANNIE. We're also staying in the tent until September."

Ron Evans: Thank you, everyone. We'll keep you in the loop on new developments. Hang in there.

Maxwell Bolton: Thank you!!

Mark Tulbert: Thank you!

Brent Woods: Thank you!

Kerstin Adams: thank you!

Ron Evans: The recording will be available here in about 3 minutes.,

Deborah: Thank you. Excellent synopsis. When can we access your report? Thanks so much!

Ron Evans: Hi, Deborah -- we will email out the link to the slides and it will be on the website shortly.

Deborah: ok...much appreciated!


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