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Executive Briefing with Alan Brown

In a remarkably fast turn of events, arts audiences are nearly all vaccinated as of May 2021. Now, attention turns to the concerns of vaccinated audience members and when they’ll feel comfortable attending live events, how to communicate with audiences over the next three to six months, and the role of digital programming moving forward. Join us for this 30-minute briefing on the latest findings from the Audience Outlook Monitor study. (video, 24 min.)


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Ron Evans: Welcome, everyone. We're looking forward to having you join us. If you have questions you'd like addressed during the session, please add them via the "Ask A Question" button at the bottom of the screen. Thank you.

Ron Evans: We will be starting in one minute. Please say hello and where you are from in the chat! Eugene, OR here!

Michael: Little Rock, AR

David Styers: New York here!

Margo Stedman: Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Rockford, IL

John Anderson: Detroit, MI

Surale Phillips: Surale, South Florida

Mark Tulbert: Raleigh NC

Jane Taylor: Aurora Ontario - greetings!

Susan Heiserman: Cary, NC

Johnny Dunn: Hi. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tom Stoll: Tom here from The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI

Margaret Stookesberry: Denver, CO

Kayla: Decorah, IA

David Kilpatick: Des Moines, IA

Chris Cox: Hi from Pittsburgh, PA!

Brian Sellers: Brooklyn, NY

Fred Cohen: san jose ca

Johanne Deleeuw: Hello. Calgary, Canada

Caitlin Tracey-Miller: Cincinnati!

Rachel: Toronto!

AJ Frost: Phoenix, AZ

lori: San Francisco

Tom O'Connor: New York City

Ilana Barker: Hello from Flint, MI!

Parker Monroe: Berkeley

Mary Jarman: Hi from Detroit

Christy Farnbauch :Hello from Columbus, OH

Ron Evans: Welcome, all!

Nancy Donner: New York, NY saying hi

Donna Briner: Hello from Maryland!

Bryan Rives: UIS PAC from Springfield IL here

Maxwell Bolton: Hiya, from Detroit!

Rachel Roccoberton: Hello from Arlington, MA

Allegra Ketchum: Hello from Montgomery County, PA

Kerstin Adams: Hi from San Diego!

Amber Dorsky: Hello from Miami!

Deborah Vaughan: Dimensions Dance theater, oakland, ca

Rich Frevert: Hello from Cedar Falls, IA & Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony

Christianna Shortridge: Hi from Truckee, California!

Kara Osburn: Hi from Tempe, AZ!

Sarah sumbrum: hello from CLE OHIO

Ron Evans: Glad you're all here. We can get thru this together!

PennyMaria Jackson: Hello from Harlem, NYC - land of the Lenape

Warren Hyer: Warren Hyer, Central Ohio Symphony

Jenna Day: Jenna Day, DC Strings Workshop

Lucia Lozano: Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee.

Ron Evans: If you have a question for Alan, please use the "Ask A Question" button at the bottom of the window, and he will respond personally after the event.

Al Stilo: Al at Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville

Kirsty Gaukel: Kirsty at 59E59 Theaters in NYC

Tom Hitchman: Hello from Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival (Southeast Michigan)

Jarell Brown: Hi there - Jarell Brown The Henry Ford Museum

Kim Howard: Thanks, Alan! Kim Howard, CultureSource, Detroit

Tom O'Connor: Great work, Alan and Team!

Lisa: Bravo...thank you so much!

Maxwell Bolton: Thanks so much, Alan and Team!!

Chris Stanton: Thanks friends!

Tom Stoll: thank you

Kirsty Gaukel: Thanks, Alan!

Jay House: Thank you Alan!

John McEwen: Thank you, Alan! Great information.

Jane Taylor: Thank you.

patricia huntsman culture +communication: thank you!

Mark Tulbert: Thank you!

Ron Evans: The replay will be available right here in about 5 minutes and will also be emailed to you.

Ron Evans: Thanks for joining us, all.

Allegra Ketchum: Thanks so much!


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