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Executive Briefing with Alan Brown

Update for August 16, 2021: Results for August paint a serious picture of a major contraction in demand. Over the one month period from mid-July to mid-August indicators of near-term demand retreated by as much as 20%, spelling rough waters ahead as cultural organizations navigate reopening during the Delta variant surge. (video, 26 minutes)


Executive Briefing Aug. 16, 2021
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Deb Polich: Does the restaurant data include indoors and outdoors separately?

Alan: No, they are lumped together for this question.

Connie Chin (she/her): Was wondering if these data were sliced by age?

Alan: Yes, we are looking at age differences. The primary difference lies with the Under 35 cohort. They are less likely to be vaccinated, more confident in their level of protection, less cautious about going out, less supportive of proof-of-vaccine admittance policies, and less likely to believe that things will return to normal a year from now.

Jennifer Lin: Is there a demographic summary of the different cohorts?

Alan: See above.

Ruth Eliel: Are there any separate data for attitudes around outdoor venues?

Alan: See chart below. 90%+ of respondents would attend an outdoor event this week, provided that their conditions would be met. About a third would want both mask and distancing requirements; ~15% would want just mask requirement; and between 30% and 50% would go to an outdoor event under any circumstances.


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