Theater Producers “Completely Aligned” With New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Re-Opening Process And Plan

DEADLINE May 1, 2020, by Greg Evans

Despite recent, scattered press reports suggesting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was snubbing Broadway by shutting the industry out of his New York Forward Re-Opening Advisory Board, the state and the theater industry are working closely on how to re-start, Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League, tells Deadline. “We are completely aligned with his thinking,” St. Martin said of Cuomo, noting that the League is “deeply grateful” for the governor’s leadership “on this critical matter.” According to St. Martin, the League is in ongoing touch with the two advisers heading Cuomo’s pandemic efforts, Steve Cohen and Bill Mulrow. Former aides of the governor most recently working in the private sector ... READ MORE


Photo byLuca BravoonUnsplash

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