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Post-Event Feedback Survey, 2023 Open Cohort

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Welcome to the Post-Event Feedback Survey 2023 Open Cohort!

Please bookmark this page, as it is not publicly accessible.  

This page contains key information about the study for participating organizations. Here you’ll be able to access recordings of online sessions in the archive section at the bottom of the page and other survey resources as they become available.

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Cohort Membership  

The following organizations have opted into this cohort:

  • African-American Shakespeare Company

  • American Conservatory Theatre

  • Arts Club Theatre Company

  • Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

  • East West Players

  • Golden Thread

  • Monmouth University Center for the Arts

  • New World Symphony

  • Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University

  • San Francisco Ballet

  • VocalEssence




  • You’ll need to indicate which questions to include in your post-event survey, working from a standardized protocol template. Please fill out the customization form here.

  • Prior to filling out the online form, review the survey protocol template document, which is embedded below, and note which questions you’d like to include.

  • Generally, we recommend an overall survey length of 20 to 25 questions.

  • The deadline for customization is two weeks before the first event you want to survey.




Deployment Logistics Session

  • Topic: We will cover list selection criteria and email deployments. This session is your chance to ask questions about the details of deployment.

  • Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 2:00 - 2:45 pm EDT | 11:00 – 11:45 am PDT(45 min)

A link to the recording of this session will be added to the page shortly afterwards. 

  • Make a list of all the programs or productions during your season that you wish to survey. Then, fill out the sampling form, which provides a roadmap for your post-event surveying during the season. WolfBrown will send you as many hyperlinks as you need.  

    • For theatres, operas and ballets, use one link for each production. 

    • For orchestras, use one link for each concert program (e.g., which might involve 2 or 3 concerts). 

    • Presenters may use one link per artist or per series, depending on your individual needs. 

    • Museums may use the same link all season, or may use separate links corresponding to different exhibitions or events/activities.

    • Note that the first possible survey date is September 19.

    • Survey email messages should generally go out to ticket buyers between 1 and 12 hours after the program ends.  

  • You’ll be responsible for setting up post-event emails throughout the year and/or intercepting visitors to collect emails.

Suggested Email Language: 
  • Suggested language for the outbound email message may be found here. Use your own branding and design. Feel free to adapt the language to fit your voice and to what you’ve found best engages your audience or visitors. However, do not combine the survey cooperation request with other messages in your email, or it will get lost. 

  • WolfBrown will provide the liaisons from your organization with the survey hyperlinks to be included in your outbound email messages for the whole season. The liaisons should first test the survey themselves.​




Download and review the protocol(s)

Download and review the protocol(s)

Post-Performance Feedback Survey Protocol
Post-Performance Feedback Survey Protocol 2023 v5
Download PDF • 352KB

A test version of this post-performance feedback survey protocol is available here. 

Post-Children's Performance Feedback Survey Protocol
Post-Children's Performance Feedback Survey Protocol 2023 v2
Download PDF • 358KB

A test version of this post-children's performance feedback survey protocol is available here. 

Post-Camp & Class Feedback Survey Protocol
PEF Protocol Childrens Camps & Classes 2023
Download PDF • 335KB

A test version of this post-camp & class survey protocol is available here. 

Post-Visit Feedback Survey Protocol
Post-Visit Feedback Survey Protocol 2024
Download PDF • 283KB

A test version of this post-visit feedback survey protocol is available here. 

Post-Children's Visit Feedback Survey Protocol
Post-Children's Visit Feedback Survey Protocol 2024
Download PDF • 309KB

A test version of this post-children's visit feedback protocol as a survey is available here. 

Post-Children's Field Trip & School Tour Feedback Survey Protocol
PEF Study Protocol 2024 for Childrens Performances - Field Trips
Download PDF • 312KB

A test version of this post-children's field trip and school tour feedback protocol as a survey is available here. 

Please note that we will also be providing the following surveys to all post-event survey cohort participants:

  • Post-Adult Education Feedback Survey Protocol

We strongly encourage staff of participating organizations to take the online survey as part of your preparatory efforts.

Upon completing the survey, respondents will be redirected to an “Exit Dashboard” – an abbreviated, static dashboard page that provides results for a small number of survey questions for your organization (only), so that respondents can see how their answers compared to the answers of others. No open-ended questions are included in the Exit Dashboard. We feel that providing instant access to selected results will add an element of transparency to the process and help to maintain the goodwill of survey takers.


  • You’ll have access to your results in your dashboard as they come in throughout the year. Because you’re participating as a cohort, you’ll have access to all the cohort members’ results, and they’ll have access to yours.

  • To access the dashboard tool, please create a password using your email as your username. If your email is not set up as a login, fill out our contact form to be added as a user. Once you’ve created a password, we recommend you bookmark our login page, so you can easily log into the dashboard directly.


Dashboard Orientation 

  • Topic: A guided tour of the Communications and Media Use Cohort dashboard, tips on filtering data, tagging open-ended responses, and other technical information on the dashboard tool. 

  • Date: Tuesday, October 10 at 2:00-2:45 pm EDT | 11:00-11:45 am PDT (45 minutes)