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Opt-In Surveys




Stakeholders: Artistic, Marketing

The Programming Preferences Survey examines patrons’ tastes and preferences across artistic disciplines and deeply within your organization’s specific discipline. The results will help you gain a bigger picture of your patrons’ programming interests, discover latent or unfulfilled demand, assess interest in digital or immersive programming, and understand more about the core values associated with arts attendance.


This survey will cover such topics as: 

  • Current “diet” of live arts programming 

  • Interest in attending different types of live performances more often 

  • Interest in specific contemporary cultures or cultural movements 

  • Interest in specific genres and subgenres within a discipline 

  • Influence of faith/religion on cultural choices 

  • Indicators of risk-taking and adventurousness 

  • Core values associated with arts attendance 

  • Consumption of arts programs via digital media (streaming services, etc.) 

  • Interest in immersive experiences; adoption of technologies associated with digital and immersive experiences 


Level of customization: This is a discipline-specific protocol. While the same lines of questioning apply across disciplines, your ticket buyers will answer questions in reference to the artistic discipline you present. In the case of multi-disciplinary presenters, your patrons will be given a choice of disciplines for certain question modules. Otherwise, no customization is involved. 



Pricing is based on your organizational expense budget. 

Tier 1 (Organization expense budget of $9 million+): $1,950  

Tier 2 (Organization expense budget of $3 mil.-$9 mil.): $1,650   

Tier 3 (Organization expense budget of <$3 mil.): $1,350  

A $300 surcharge applies to on-demand service at other times of the year.

Programming Preferences Survey

$1,350 - $1,950 based on Tier Number

No purchase required at this time. Please read our terms and conditions about participating in this survey cohort.

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