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Audience Outlook Monitor is a community of research-minded arts professionals dedicated to building audiences. 

Why Audience Outlook Monitor? 

  • Access professional quality research protocols at a fraction of the cost  

  • Deploy surveys as you need them  

  • Compare results across peer organizations, and against field aggregates 

  • Benefit from peer-based cohort learning around results 

  • Access your results in a password-protected dashboard available 24/7 to anyone in your organization  

  • Accumulate all of your research results in a single place – a cumulative archive of your audience data, and a hedge against loss of institutional memory due to staff turnover 


Audience Outlook Monitor Community

Through our free AOM Community activities we explore current issues, share emerging practices, and aim to build stronger frameworks for understanding audiences in a rapidly changing marketplace. To join the community and participate in these free activities, just sign up for the Audience Outlook Monitor newsletter. 


The IDEA Study – Phase 1 – Orchestra Cohort  

Informational Webinar on February 13th, 4 - 5 PM ET

Opt-In Surveys 

Through our low-cost opt-in surveys, arts organizations can track essential information about their customers while avoiding the costs of customized research. AOM Community members are notified of opt-in survey opportunities throughout the year. 

Open for Registration

The IDEA Study – Phase 1 Survey – Orchestra Cohort

Registration closes March 17, 2023

Demographics and Buyer Behavior Survey 

Registration closes May 12, 2023

The COVID-19 Study – Individual Participants 

On Demand

(Details to be Announced)

Upcoming Surveys

Communications and Media Use Survey 

Registration opens June 5, 2023 

The IDEA Study – Phase 1 Survey – Open Cohort

Registration opens July 10, 2023

Audience Experience Survey
Programming Preferences Survey

Accountability Survey

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