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We invite you to join Audience Outlook Monitor’s National Panel! Participation is completely optional. As part of our ongoing efforts to support nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, we periodically reach out to our National Panel for input on important arts-related topics. Nonprofits need timely information from audiences, and we hope you’ll consider joining our panel.

Audience Outlook Monitor is a program of WolfBrown.

Why should I join?

By occasionally sharing your opinion through a survey or in an online focus group discussion, you’ll be supporting arts and cultural organizations across the US, and, in some cases, delving into current issues and ideas facing the cultural sector.

What’s involved?

Panel members may be invited a few times a year to take part in an Audience Outlook Monitor survey or online focus group discussion. In some cases, you’ll be offered compensation for your time, especially if you participate in a focus group discussion. When you receive an invitation to participate in a study, you can decide whether or not to participate. You can also opt-out of the panel at any time.

How will I be compensated if I participate in a study?

Compensation and incentives vary by project. For surveys, most likely you’ll be invited to enter a drawing to win a cash prize. For focus group discussions, compensation ranges from $50 to $100 per person, per session. 

How do I join the National Panel?

All you need to do to join our panel is provide us with your name and email address. We’ll then send you a welcome email with a link to a registration form with questions about your background and your arts activities. This information will help us determine your eligibility for future studies.

Am I guaranteed to be in a study?

We’ll invite you to participate in at least one or two surveys a year. Beyond that, we’ll email you from time to time if you’re eligible for other studies. 

What do you do with my information?

If you join the panel, your email address and registration survey data will be maintained by Audience Outlook Monitor as confidential information and will not used for any other purpose than managing our National Panel. We will not trade, sell, or otherwise divulge personal information about panel members. You may opt out at any time. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

For questions, please contact us at


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