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“As Some Spaces Reopen, Consumers’ Uncertainty of Doing Some Activities Is Shrinking”

Morning Consult/May 11, 2020 by Alyssa Meyers

Since early April, Morning Consult has asked consumers when they anticipate feeling secure going back to venues such as restaurants, malls or movie theaters. The share of consumers in the latest poll, conducted May 5-8, who said they weren’t sure about when they’d feel comfortable doing so has shrunk from when Morning Consult first asked in April 7-9 and April 22-24.

As more respondents put a number to their expectations, many are realizing it will be a while before they’d feel comfortable returning to everyday life. The share of consumers who said it would take at least six months for them to feel comfortable at a concert, an amusement park or a movie theater, for example, all rose.

The outlook is better for others: 22 percent of adults said they’d feel comfortable … READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Some data shows consumers’ uncertainty when they expect to feel comfortable returning to public spaces is ticking down. Slow inching to acceptance.


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