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“Digital Theater Is All The Rage But Could It Destroy The LiveTheater?”

Los Angeles Times/May 13, 2020 by Charles McNulty

No one at this point can answer when live performance will come back. Not the medical experts. Not theater owners and producers. And not the unions that represent the creative professionals whose livelihoods are in a state of suspended animation.

Digital is the only safe stage right now. Theaters, fighting for their lives, have been creatively exploring how to connect to their audiences with media technology. Richard Nelson wrote a play for Zoom, celebrated productions from the past are streaming, online benefit play-readings are proliferating and virtual town halls have become the new theater hangout.

Last week Center Theatre Group managing director and chief executive Meghan Pressman … READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Streaming is everywhere but theater leaders are cautious about digital’s promise of salvation. (Remember newspapers?) Still, opportunities, too,for engagement, art and to reach neglected audiences.


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