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“Stage Vs Screen Becomes Union Battleground”

American Theatre/Oct. 23, 2020 by Jerald Raymond Pierce

“What happens when a theatre company wants to make a movie? They may want to release a filmed version of a show they’ve staged, or, increasingly frequently during the pandemic lockdown, create a production designed to live exclusively in the digital sphere, on a screen. Among the logistics they will need to figure out—equipment, safety protocols, means of distribution—there is the question of union jurisdiction for the production’s actors and stage manager. If they’ve traditionally worked under some kind of Actors’ Equity Association contract, the U.S. stage union, would they turn to Equity for a deal? Or, given that historically, anything professionally presented on a screen—whether on PBS or HBO or Amazon Prime—has been covered by …” READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Two unions at odds over online content complicating progress


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