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Post-Event Feedback Survey Cohort

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Tagging Scheme

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Download a Word Document with the tagging scheme here.

Post-Event Feedback Survey Tagging Scheme
Download DOCX • 19KB

You can also find this text below.

  • NOTABLE – Comments you may wish to return to or call out as examples, or that are particularly rich in content.  [Note that you can associate multiple tags with a comment.]

Q. How did you learn about this performance/concert? (other/open)
  • OTHER (Another organization)

  • OUTDOOR (Billboard, Transit, Outdoor Ads)

  • TV (TV commercial, spot)

  • RESELLER (Ticket broker, discount sites)

  • EDUCATOR (Teachers, arts faculty)

  • MARQUEE (Venue signage)

  • FUNDRAISER (Auction, special event)

  • CAST-STAFF (Cast member, friend of cast, staff, friend of staff)

Q. Select the three most important reasons why you attended the performance/concert. (other/open)
  • SUPPORT ORG (to support the organization)

  • SUPPORT PERSON (to support someone I know)

  • SUPPORT NEW (to support new work)

  • NOSTALGIA (to revisit my youth, past memories)

  • SPECIAL (for a gift, birthday, anniversary, special day)

  • FUN (to do something fun, be entertained)

  • FREE (had free or comp tickets)

  • REVIEW (review sparked curiosity)

  • SOCIAL (to meet new people)

  • BIPOC (to see BIPOC artists)

Q. Which of the following activities, if any, did you do to learn more about the performance/concert prior to arriving?
  • LISTEN (Listened to a work on program)

  • RESEARCH (Read books, articles about the work or artists)


Q. What was most memorable to you about the [performance/concert]?
  • ARTISTS (mention of specific artists, performers, performances)

  • INNOVATION (mention of innovation)

  • PROGRAM (mention of specific pieces, works)

  • RESPONSE (mention of audience response, energy, excitement)

  • VENUE (mention of venue features, seating, augmentation)

Q. Was there anything that made your experience at the [performance/concert] particularly satisfying or unsatisfying? (open)
  • SAT (satisfied comment)

  • UNSAT (unsatisfied comment

  • ACOUSTICS (mention of sound quality, difficulty hearing)

  • COMFORT (mention of physical discomfort, seats, etc.)

  • PARKING (mention of parking)

  • CONCESSIONS (mention of food, beverage, concessions)

  • CROWD (mention of lines, crowding)

  • TALENT (mention of performance specific issues)

  • LANGUAGE (mention of foul language)

  • LENGTH (mention of length of show/program)

  • COMM (mentions of communications, information)

  • FEELING (mention of emotions, feelings)

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