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April 25, 2022 Executive Briefing with Alan Brown "The Changing Cultural Diet"

Update for April 25, 2022: Alan’s April 25 briefing highlights results from this week’s survey deployments to three national cohorts of theatres, orchestras and performing arts centers. Will perceptions of rising infection rates between March and April cause another regression in readiness to attend? Has demand continued its post-Omicron recovery? This update will focus on indicators of support for masking requirements, reasons why people are claiming that advance planning is more difficult than it used to be, and what people are saying about how their ‘cultural diet” has changed because of the pandemic. (30 minutes)

Key Takeaways

  • The dramatic post-Omicron recovery halted in April

  • Most indicators of readiness to return held steady or regressed a bit between March and April

  • As most infections are likely not reported in gov’t figures, the “case data” that people used to access to make decisions is no longer reliable; instead people are looking at hospitalizations and deaths, which remain low