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“Arts Organizations Are Media Companies Now”

Variety/Nov. 24, 2020 by Gordon Cox

“A series of immersive audioplays performed and mixed live, using tech developed by theatrical sound designers and engineers. A summer festival’s entire season of new plays and classics released on Audible. A wild satire of gay identity politics, beamed to your computer in a high-gloss, multicamera broadcast from a theater space in Brooklyn. A playwright’s recreation of “The Seagull” in “The Sims 4,” livestreamed on Twitch. This is theater in 2020, as the pandemic has prodded an ancient art form — and an often hidebound industry — to explore the digital potential it’s eyed so warily in the past. As the theater’s biggest commercial motor, Broadway, has languished, resourceful artists and producers are making work that incorporates video, gaming and interactivity into hybridized digital-theater forms that…” READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Digital pivot turns permanent for many theaters, artists

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash


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