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“Cats" and "Les Mis" producer says coronavirus will keep theatres closed to 2021”

THE GUARDIAN / May 4, 2020 by Lanre Bakare

Theatre producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh has said the lockdown measures imposed because of the Covid-19 outbreak mean West End theatres are unlikely to be able to reopen until 2021. Mackintosh, who is one of the most successful musical producers ever with shows including Cats and Les Misérables, said that planning to reopen theatres can’t start until social distancing ends, which means early next year is the earliest realistic date. “I think from the moment social distancing doesn’t exist any more, it will take us four to five months to actually ... READ MORE

Takeaway:Cameron Mackintosh says West End theaters unlikely to reopen until 2021. Closed until social distancing ends. Ditto Broadway, unless lockdowns lift soon.

The Guardian


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