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“City Dancers Unleashed In The Wild”

The New York Times/Sept. 13, 2020 by Brian Selbert

“The Mashomack Fish & Game Preserve Club, a few hours’ drive north of New York City, is not the natural habitat of dancers, at least not of members of New York City Ballet and the Martha Graham Dance Company. But this is where I observed them participating in the normal behavior of their species: performing live.The occasion, on Friday evening, was the premiere by BalletCollective of “Natural History,” a new work by Troy Schumacher, a City Ballet soloist who has long presented his choreography through the independently run collective, which he founded in 2010. That side gig has now become more central, more necessary. City Ballet has been all-digital since March and will stay that way through the fall. The same is true…” READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Insights in comparing live and online performances

Photo by Anna Shvets


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