Executive Briefing with Alan Brown

Update for July 19, 2021: Join us for this 30-minute briefing on the latest findings from the Audience Outlook Monitor study. Results for July focus on audience perceptions of changing conditions due to the latest surge in Covid-19 infection rates in some areas of the US, and the conditions that audience members are likely to place on their attendance at live events (i.e., pre-requisites and deal-breakers). After six months of improving conditions, July results suggest a slow-down, or, in some cases, a regression in key indicators. (video, 30 min.)


Executive Briefing July 19, 2021
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*** CHAT LOG *****************

Ron Evans: Welcome, everyone. We'll be getting started in just a few minutes.

Ron Evans: Please say hello in the chat and tell us what organization you're with.

Betsy: Hello from DanceWorks Boston & DanceWorks New York City

Ilana Barker: Hello from the Flint Institute of Music!

Warren Hyer: Central Ohio Symphony say hello

Christi Dortch: Hello from Nashville, TN

Ron Evans: Welcome, everyone

Aretta B.: HI from the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA!

Amy Anderson: Hello from Chamber Music Monterey Bay in Carmel, CA

Dayna Kalakau: Hello from Aurora Theatre Company in Berkeley, CA!

Mary Ann Wojton: Went to a small community theater in Michigan over the weekend, staff were wearing masks, very few in the audience were.

Scott Whisler: Good morning from Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, in Mountain View, CA

Amy Weinberg: Hello from Studio Theater in DC

Ellsworth Brown: Hello from Madisson Symphony Orchestra, WI

P. Diane Bond: Chamber Music Kelowna in British Columbia.

Camille Spaccavento: Hello from Montclair, NJ

Cari Hatcher: Hello from Northrop at the University of Minnesota

Debra Lary: Hello from Toronto!

Michael Alexander: Hello from Caltech in Pasadena, CA

Tina Meckel: Hello from the Twin Cities...on behalf of National Lutheran Choir.

Charles Henry: Bethea Hello from Bisbee Arizona

David Styers: Hi, from the League of American Orchestras.

Kathy Neus: Hello from Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Lori Beth Milburn: Hello from Opera Parallèle in San Francisco!

Margaret Chasins: Hello from Sinfonia Toronto

Bryan Rives: Hello from the Univ off Illinois Springfield! First hour SVOG applicant, still "Pending Review"!

Robin Higgins: Hello from the Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Ron Evans: I feel for you, Bryan :slightly_smiling_face: