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“How Do We Move Towards Recovery In The Arts: Cultural Leaders Weigh In”

WNET/AllArts/May 11, 2020 by Britt Stigler

As the arts and culture world begins to crack open its doors, what lies on the other side remains to be seen. The landscape, as painted by data gathered in recent weeks, is daunting. Though innovative strides have been made, the COVID-19 pandemic not only cleaved a massive cut into organizations (many of which were operating near or with a deficit before the start of the crisis), but has also possibly changed the way we will navigate cultural institutions in the future...READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: Arts leaders talk about new methods for presenting theater, including outdoor experiences; developing flexible contingency plans; creating plans for ‘remarkable’ projects; bold assertions to government; different ways artists can be employed.

Photo by Kyle Head via Unsplash.


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