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“How ‘Phantom’ Survived the Pandemic”

New York Times/June 2, 2020 by Jennifer Schuessler and Su-Hyun Lee

“The Phantom of the Opera” has garnered plenty of superlatives over the years, including the longest-running show in Broadway history. But in recent months, it has also laid claim to a more unlikely title: pathbreaking musical of the Covid-19 era. As theaters around the globe were abruptly shuttered by the pandemic, with no clear path to reopening in sight, the world tour of “Phantom” has been soldiering on in Seoul, South Korea, playing eight shows a week. And it has been drawing robust audiences to its 1,600-seat theater, even after…READ MORE

KEY TAKEAWAY: “Phantom’ tour in Korea shows one procedural path to re-opening. London next?

Photo by Baohm via Pixabay.


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