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March 21 Executive Briefing with Alan Brown "Omicron in the Rear View Mirror, Uncertainty Ahead"

Update for March 21, 2022: Alan’s latest briefing highlights results from this week’s survey deployments to three national cohorts of theatres, orchestras and performing arts centers. With Covid-19 infection rates at or near the lowest levels seen in almost a year, we now have a picture of what demand looks like under what might be called “suddenly optimistic” conditions. How much has demand recovered since February? How much have feelings about mask mandates changed in the past month? How should we be thinking about the pace of recovery of audience demand over the next few months?(30 minutes)

Key Takeaways

  • Omicron was a 3-month event (Dec.-Feb.) in terms of its affect on demand

  • We are now back to the longer trajectory of recovery

  • All indicators continued to incrementally improve from Feb. to March